• Modern Technology

    Technology in web design is moving forwards faster than ever.
    At Geebo, we really love staying up to date with modern design
    principles as well as the latest HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery trends.

  • Things of Beauty

    We absolutely love creating things of beauty. Whether it be
    websites or marketing materials, we take pride in our work
    and expect it to live up to our own very high standards.

    Rocky Moutain National Park by Matthew Evans
  • It’s All About Fun

    Web design is fun and at Geebo we make sure to have a
    lot of it along the way. We believe in living an active
    lifestyle and pushing our limits both in life and in work.

    Madison Giles Downhill Mountain Biking
  • It’s In Our DNA

    The team at Geebo have a wealth of web design and development
    experience behind them. It’s something we all have a passion for,
    and we look forward to what the future will bring.

    DNA Strand Under a Microscope


Designing and building websites is our bread and butter and what we enjoy most of all. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you need to upgrade your current website! We build our sites using the extremely popular open source CMS - Wordpress.

Computer Graphics

Geebo have been known to use 3D modelling software to create advertising material. Why? 3D graphics allows us to shoot objects from any angle under any light settings giving us more control of the finished product. Also, it's a great hobby of ours.

Marketing Material

Producing branding and marketing materials is something we are very passionate about and something we feel is key to building your business presence. It also provides an alternate avenue for us to get creative along with our web design work.

Is your business in need of a new, clean and modern looking website?

Recent Articles

Check out our blog for the latest updates on projects as well as some general content we just want to share with you!

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Recent Work

We have three main portfolios covering web, print and computer graphics. While we don't offer computer graphics as a service, we love doing it as a hobby. Please take a look and enjoy our work!